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Beautify your outdoor space and elevate your home's curb appeal with high-quality mulch from Green Cut, Inc.

Mulch is either an organic or synthetic material placed on top of soil layers. It can transform the overall look of any home. By spiffing up yards and fostering healthy plant growth, it benefits residential spaces by preserving their curb appeal in the long run.

At Green Cut, Inc., we believe that professional landscaping doesn’t just enhance the exteriors of residential spaces but also creates a joyful environment around them. With that belief, our team of professional landscapers strives to achieve excellence when providing our services, including the installation of mulch in Green Bay.

Our team has been serving Green Bay, WI, since 1999. Having been here for that long, we guarantee high-quality workmanship. With our mulching services, you are sure to have an attractive and sustainable outdoor space.

Why Invest in Residential Mulch

Beyond aesthetics, hiring a mulch service provider offers a lot of other benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Weed and Pest Control

Mulch is one of the most viable options for getting rid of weeds in your garden. They act as a barrier that prevents sunlight from reaching the soil, reducing the likelihood of weed seed germination.

Some types of mulch also work well at controlling pests. For instance, cedar bark contains natural oils that act as a pest and insect repellent. There are also other types of fragrant mulch that keep unwanted organisms away from grass, plants, and trees.

2. Thatch Buildup Removal

Thatches are layers of dead turf material. Not only do they affect the appeal of home gardens, but they also prevent water and oxygen from reaching the root systems, depriving grass, plants, and trees of the nutrients they need.

Mulch, specifically organic types, can help get rid of thatch buildup. They introduce microorganisms that eat and help decompose dead grass, which allow greenery to receive nutrients that it needs.  

3. Soil Temperature Control

With their insulating properties, mulch can help reduce soil temperature fluctuations. They can keep the soil cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Mulch also acts as a barrier during warm seasons. It prevents the sun’s heat from drying the soil, reducing evaporation and promoting moisture retention.

4. Soil Nutrient Preservation

During wet seasons, mulch prevents soil nutrients from getting washed out by heavy rainfall. In fact, organic ones even enhance soil fertility by adding more nutrients as they decompose.

5. Soil Creation

Over time, organic mulches decompose and turn into humus, a component of the soil. This dark, rich material improves the structure of some specific soil types, such as gumbo clay.

Aside from that, humus is also known as a nutrition reserve for the root systems of grass and plants. It retains various nutrients, including magnesium, water, phosphorus, and calcium.

6. Soil Erosion Prevention

If you reside in sloping areas or locations that experience frequent rainfall, mulch can be a great addition to your home garden. They offer an erosion control function that reduces rain splash and water runoff and helps hold the soil in place.

7. Curb Appeal Preservation

Everyone wants a yard that looks neat and attractive. When you get mulch, it’s easy to transform your garden and create a beautiful green space outside your home. This way, you can preserve the curb appeal of your residential property.  

Why Choose Green Cut, Inc.

Green Cut, Inc. stands as the best landscaper in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. We have been providing mulch in Green Bay, WI, since 1999. With more than two decades of experience, we guarantee that we get things done with the highest degree of quality.

Our team always ensures precision and accuracy in our services. We combine our expertise with state-of-the-art equipment utilization. Communication is essential in maintaining business relationships, so we always listen to what our clients have to say.

GCI Mulch Benefits

Our Residential Mulch Services in Green Bay

Fresh mulch can substantially reduce the frequency of landscape bed maintenance. Furthermore, mulch helps retain the moisture needed to maintain a healthy landscape. Applying too much mulch around certain flower and shrub types may lead to root rot and fungus. We offer mulch in many varieties and colors. With the help of our professional landscapers, choosing the best type and color for your residential space is made easy.

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