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Enhance the overall appeal of your business establishment and enjoy the many benefits of green spaces with high-quality commercial mulch services from professional landscapers.

Mulch is a material placed on top of the soil to enhance the look of gardens and yards and promote good plant health. Mulch can be either organic or synthetic. The organic type is made up of grass clippings, tree bark, wood chips, pine straw, and leaves, while the synthetic type is made up of black plastic, landscape fabric, or stone/gravel.

At Green Cut, Inc., we believe that maintaining green spaces by mulching commercial and industrial landscapes positively impacts businesses. We have a committed team that provides full-service landscaping, including mulch installation in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With us by your side, you are sure to have an aesthetic green space for your commercial or industrial property.

Why Invest in Commercial Mulching Services

Aside from elevating the overall look of your property, here are some other benefits you can get from mulching:

1. It controls weed growth.

Mulch contributes to weed management. Covering the top layer of the soil reduces weed seed germination and blocks weed growth, reducing the likelihood of unwanted grass and plants growing in your property’s yard.

2. It helps with soil temperature control.

Mulch has insulating properties that help keep the soil warm during winter and cool during summer. Your grass, plants, and trees will grow healthier without excessive temperature fluctuations.

3. It retains moisture.

During summer, mulch acts as a protective barrier that prevents the sun’s heat from drying the soil, keeping the temperature cool and reducing moisture evaporation.

Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by up to 70%, eliminating the need for frequent watering schedules and ensuring that grass and plants get enough nutrients.

4. It prevents soil erosion and soil nutrient loss.

Heavy rains can wash out some of the nutrients in the soil. You can prevent that from happening when you opt for a trusted commercial mulch service in Green Bay.

Mulch prevents water runoff and rain splashing by holding the soil in place. Some types, specifically organic ones, enhance soil fertility. They help promote good plant health, which will elevate the look of your commercial property.

5. It reduces thatch buildup.

Thatch is the layer of dead grass that accumulates on lawns. They suppress plant growth by preventing nutrients from reaching the root system. Organic mulch can help get rid of thatch. 

Mulch on your commercial or industrial property’s yard enriches the soil with microorganisms that can degrade thatch buildup. This way, your grass, plants, and trees receive the nutrients they need to grow healthy. 

6. It preserves curb appeal.

All these benefits translate to better curb appeal. With well-maintained green spaces, your commercial or industrial property will look attractive to your prospective clients or customers.

Why Choose Green Cut, Inc.

Green Cut, Inc. has provided landscaping services since 1999. With years of experience behind us, our team has acquired the knowledge and skills needed to provide expert landscaping services for our clients.

 We invest in the best and latest equipment to uphold the quality of our services. We also prioritize communication because we value our relationship with our clients. Should you have problems or concerns regarding our services, tell us, and we’ll listen.

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Our Commercial Mulch Services in Green Bay

Fresh mulch can substantially reduce the frequency of landscape bed maintenance. Furthermore, mulch helps retain the moisture needed to maintain a healthy landscape. Applying too much mulch around certain flower & shrub types may lead to root rot and fungus. We offer mulch in many varieties and colors. Our professional landscapers can help you choose which type and color to use for your commercial establishment’s green space.

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