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Landscapes do more than just add beauty and value to residential properties. They also offer tons of great benefits. Green spaces help regulate ambient temperatures and make surroundings more pleasant. They help purify the air and make it safe for breathing. Grass, plant leaves, and tree leaves absorb pollutants and emissions, such as nitrogen oxide, smoke, and sulfur dioxide. Landscapes also let you enjoy an outdoor space that offers relaxation. It gives you a joyful environment, where you can stay anytime you want a short break from life’s daily stressors.

At Green Cut, Inc., we provide top-notch landscaping services in Green Bay, WI. We create and maintain aesthetically appealing and sustainable green spaces. With our team of professional landscapers on the job, you are sure to have a landscape that enhances the overall look of your property. For all your landscaping needs, we have you covered!

Our Residential Landscaping Services

Here are the residential landscaping services provided by our professional landscapers in Green Bay, Wisconsin:

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Fertilizer and Weed Control

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Holiday Lighting

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Fertilizers and weed control products help ensure that your grass, plants, and trees remain healthy. They help improve the overall growth of vegetation, making it hard for pests and insects to take hold and cause damage.

With regular fertilizer application, greenery receives the nutrients they need in order to grow healthy. It also helps grass, plants, and trees grow dense-fibrous root systems, which work well at holding the soil in place and preventing runoff and erosion.

On the other hand, weed control products help get rid of unwanted plants that grow and deprive your greenery of nutrients. These products also serve as your greenery’s protection from particular diseases caused by weeds.


Installing mulch on the top layer of soil and lawns offers more than just aesthetics. These materials offer other benefits that help homeowners maintain their garden and yard.

Mulches have insulating properties that help keep the soil warmer during the winter season and cooler during the summer season. They also act as a protective layer that prevents the sun’s heat from drying the soil excessively.

When they decompose, mulches turn into humus. This dark, rich material provides more nutrients for greenery. Moreover, mulches also introduce microorganisms that help prevent thatch buildup on lawns.

Holiday Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting is one of the best ways to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. It highlights your landscape decor, making it look more attractive and appealing.

It illuminates gardens and yards, providing homeowners with a space to hang out at night. Additionally, outdoor lighting can be used to show homeowners’ enthusiasm for holidays and events, such as Christmas and Halloween.

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